The group, which has been in the commercial life for a half century, decided to move on with the Orkide Underwear Brand in 1999.

Orkide, which started production in a small workshop, continue manufacturing in two different production facilities, in an indoor area of 10,000 m2, using the recent technological innovations. All production is conducted in the workshops within its own body in the country.

Our brand adopts the quality production as principle and compromises on this principle neither in the textile used nor in the production techniques. This has been approved by the Quality Management Certificates it took.
Another principle of our brand is to work customer-oriented. Our designers create products highlighting the grace, power and love of women.

Our products are sold in 3500 stores in our country. According to the researches, Orkide Underwear is among the most famous ones in its field and placed on the top in bras, bra pairs, nightgowns and dressing gowns which are still being further developed.  Brand recognition is also increasing due to the international commercial relations we have been growing recently.

Fashion trends are observed and our products are revised according to the fashion of the moment with décolleté dresses from the front or behind.

Our vision is to present highest quality products to the customer with the most reasonable prices, to keep up with the developing age in administration and production perceptions, to provide the product variety to meet the needs of the customers and to continue our walk towards the better, prettier and the higher.


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